Lori Gelim

6ft 6in x 11ft 7in
Circa 1920
Item #: 00018

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This one of the few extant antique Lori gelims with the typically Lori powerful, audacious drawing and rich, austere coloring. The five-color small-scale parallel stepped lines of the medallions and the later's massive, intrepid single-color stepped bands are the two primary and most wide-spread feature of the designing school of the Lors of Fars adapted and developed by many.

Flatweaving nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes of Fars, notably Nafar, Darrehshuri, and to some extent, Kashkuli. The multi-color wavy stepped design in the lower section, however, is unique and with no close analogues in Lori flatweavings of the late 19th and 20th centuries.