Qashqai Ardkapan

3ft 7in x 5ft 8in
Circa Late 19th Century
Item #: 00145

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A superb representative of that marvelous type of gabbehs which were made in Fars until the early 20th century and exported to such far away lands as the United States, but due to unknown circumstances their production ceased during the First World War. Enriched by opulent colors and superior craftsmanship, its incredible affluence of pure vegetable dyes, all have disappeared from the art and craft of tribal gabbeh weaving since the second quarter of the century.

The mint condition of the fabric, a long pile, the intact selvedges, and the freshness of strong shades, make the estimated aged of about a hundred years. However, the style, technique and colorants established a late 19th century date. This marvel gabbeh making has been deligently cared for and protected from sunlight for many decades.