We are a second generation company, YAHAL ANTIQUE ORIENTAL CARPETS has offered a world-class collection of antique carpets. Our inventory includes collectible tribal carpets, Caucasian carpets, runners, room-size and over-size carpets. Our service is a first-class service to every client. At Yahal Antique Oriental Carpets, we pride ourselves on being one of the few qualified experts in the field of antique rugs. Obviously, these are of far greater value than modern ones because they have withstood the trials of time and represent a true artistic tradition, originating before modern commercial demands. We offer an extremely fine collection of antique carpets, a collection that has been accumulated by the patient search of successive generations.

If you cannot find the right size, style, or colour on these pages, please contact us at sales@yahalorientalcarpets.com, we will do what we can to find the right carpet for you.